About Us

Welcome to Chic Javore Virgin Indian Hair Extensions!

Chic Javore specializes in 100% virgin Indian hair. Our authentic premium virgin hair extensions are very soft, strong and long lasting. Our hair is directly sourced from India, not mixed with any other human, animal or synthetic fiber hair. Our virgin hair is not colored, not chemically treated and it’s totally unprocessed. Chic Javore hair is provided to individual buyers and the most talented hair stylists to satisfy women who are desirous of the most sophisticated look. You can get our exquisite virgin Indian hair in curly, wavy, straight or silky textures, any of which can be customized to suit your unrivaled look of sheer elegance. When you place your order we can guarantee you will receive hair that is healthy, shiny, and beautiful.

Virgin Indian Hair is the Best and Highest quality hair on the market. Our pure virgin Indian Hair is not chemically processed or altered. The cuticle alignment is from top to bottom which allows the hair to flow naturally. It is the most natural hair gleaming with luster and shine. We offer you the longest lasting hair sold in their natural colors (black/dark brown) and textures.

Mission Statement:
Our Virgin Indian Hair is the most expensive hair on the market and we have used the most cost effective method in order to provide products at the most competitive and reasonable rate. Our goal is to bring the finest quality hair extensions that cater to your individual style. It is our desire to provide top quality luxurious hair that doesn’t tangle or mat. We believe your hair is a commitment and we strive to build lasting relationships with our customers.

As we aim to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction, we strive to fulfill your individual needs by paying attention to your concerns and try addressing them as expeditiously as possible. Our customers mean everything to us, and we are committed to keeping each and every one of them happy.

Our Virgin Indian Hair is carefully selected....
We offer only unprocessed and completely 100 percent Pure Virgin, Indian Weft of Hair. As each person/donor is different, so too is their hair, which makes each bundle of our hair uniquely beautiful and special in its own way. However, we try our best to provide our customers with bundles that best complement each other.